First patient education materials to deliver up-to-date information on health, work safety, disease prevention and treatment options to patients, workers and the general public. 

All our products (booklets, brochures, posters, visuals, animations and interactive software) have complete & approved medical information, appealing design and cartoons, accurate up-to-date medical art and text.


Our Aim

To grow the public Knowledge and education through all the Middle East region.


Our Mission

To link the public sector with all resources given by healthcare providers, educational institutes and companies whom respect the public right to be educated.

We reach people through all possible channels to deliver the best education possible to live long, prosperous & healthy life.

At a Group level, we provide the information, education & knowledge that enable people to focus on being the very best they can be.

We deliver our messages in the best form possible to reach each age group.


Printed Atlas

In MyHealth Digest the information is presented on two facing pages:

– It covers most of the daily clinical situations, so that MyHealth Digest will be the doctor’s one and only illustrative & easy to access resource, effectively reducing the time pressure during the consultation, while at the same time offering the patient trustful and easily understandable information.

– Besides all other benefits, the relation between the doctor and patient clearly improves because of the use of these materials.


The App

MyHealth Digest app offers the entire content of the printed materials:

MyHealth Digest app offers the entire content of the printed materials and is specially designed for the doctor to explain the issues of clinical situations to his patients in a structured way, giving the patient a much better understanding of the issue at hand, and at the same time saving lots of precious consultation time.

Each clinical situation is presented in a well-structured manner with simple illustrations, icons and supporting text.

We believe that the patient should listen to the doctor, rather than being impressed by flashy technology.

And our Apps support just that, offering the doctor all the illustrations he may need, so that he can get his message across in the shortest possible time.

Also the navigation within the App was developed with 2 things in mind: saving the doctor’s time and allowing no distraction from the topic at hand.

With the drawing option the doctor can make his own drawings on top of our illustrations.