It is the exit of the bones that make up the joint beyond its anatomical limits due to external force.

Divided into: partial dislocation and, complete dislocation.

The occurrence of dislocation of the elbow joint in the game of extended handball is spread during the fall and dislocation of the fingers in the event of receiving the unexpected ball as it happens in basketball or volleyball, and dislocation of the knee joint, which is most likely to occur among football players due to the increase in elongation in extended men or gymnasts After falling from above the devices or landing from high altitudes.


  • Pain in the dislocation, especially when moving the affected organ.
  • It was lost in the movement of the affected organ.
  • Deformity and change in the shape of the organ compared to the other similar organ.
  • Swelling as a result of trivialization and a hematogenesis due to tearing of the ligaments surrounding the joint.


The dislocated joint must be fixed with a pillow so that the joint bones do not collide, and it is allowed to move with the least possible pain, taking into account that the dislocation is returned to its place by specialized personnel

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