Thermal injuries

Thermal injuries:

The vital functions in the human body are affected by the resulting high temperature

High risk to the body, and the indicators of this step include the following:

– Thermal cramping

an imbalance in the sensitivity of the electrical activity in the muscle cells due to muscle contraction without loosening, due to the loss of a large amount of sodium and potassium due to profuse sweating in the hot air and what to do when the cramping occurs, prolong the contracting muscle and compensate for the lost fluids and consume Good, balanced nutrition.

Thermal fatigue:

the inability of the circulatory system and the thermal control device to keep pace with the rise in body temperature as a result of physical exertion in hot weather. Symptoms include high heart rate, low sweating, a decrease in the amount of saliva with severe fatigue and dizziness may be accompanied by what should be done when that situation occurs. Stop exercising and transfer the injured to a cool, shady place and cool the body by drinking fluids, moisturizing the body and providing good ventilation to the injured in the event that the symptoms do not disappear, the patient will be transferred to the nearest medical center.

– Heat stroke: when the person with heat exhaustion is not assisted, and monitoring and medical treatment is required here, because it is an emergency condition for this. Delirium, vision disorder, low blood pressure, and an imbalance in the affected person.

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