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MyHealth Digest enterprise is a visual communication studio that fills a wide scope of needs for the healthcare sector, education and various audiences. Our ability includes the accompanying services: illustrations, information design, digital publishing, advertising of pharmaceuticals, academic publications and visual identity. We draw upon your intricate data and insights and gather them into a convincing, effectively intelligble visual showcase. Our duty is to strengthen your scientific idea through simplicity, effectiveness and give high quality results.

Taking patient education and branding to the next level with custom medical illustration

Custom medical, clinical, educational illustrations and designs made for sites and portable applications offer various points of interest. Other than their extraordinary potential to recount to the splendid and clear story to the client, they are a significant investment in branding, bringing consistency and visual harmony across various visual resources. Today, our case study analysis explores precisely that: how about we investigate how our partners from companies and medical societies took their patient education application (and their branding) to the next level with our 2 and 3D medical illustrations.

Medical Illustration

Publication medical Illustrations are used for various reasons. Clinical Illustrations can serve to productively clarify general anatomy and pathophysiology of different meds. It likewise reveals insight into a bit by bit step surgery.

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