Risk of developing a kidney infection

Risk of developing a kidney infection

Other factors can also put you more at risk of developing a kidney infection, including:

  • having a condition that blocks, or obstructs, your urinary tract, such as kidney stones or an enlarged prostate – children with constipation can also be at an increased risk
  • being born with an abnormality in your urinary tract
  • having a condition that prevents you emptying your bladder fully, such as an injury to your spinal cord – this can allow bacteria in your bladder to multiply and spread
  • having a weakened immune system – for example, due to type 2 diabetesor as a side effect of chemotherapy
  • having an infection of the prostate gland called prostatitis– the infection can spread from the prostate gland into the kidneys
  • having a urinary catheter (a thin, flexible tube inserted into your bladder to drain away urine)
  • being female and sexually active – sexual intercourse can irritate the urethra and allow bacteria to travel into your bladder
  • being a man who has anal sex – bacteria can travel up the urethra into the bladder
  • being pregnant – this can cause physical changes that slow the flow of urine out of your body and make it easier for bacteria to spread to the kidneys
  • having undergone female genital mutilation (FGM)– an illegal practice where a woman’s genitals are deliberately cut or changed for cultural, religious and social reasons
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