Kids might be silently spreading Coronavirus

Children seem to be largely spared from the life-threatening complications of Covid-19, but they might be silently spreading the virus, doctors in China found.Detailed analysis of 36 pediatric cases in China’s Zhejiang province found that the pandemic-causing coronavirus had little effect on their upper airways. Although fever, cough and pneumonia were the most common symptoms, about half the children had mild disease with no obvious signs, researchers said Wednesday in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal. Although small in scope, the Lancet study

Tips to manage siblings fights during staying home

Tips to manage siblings fights during staying home With the world under coronavirus induced lockdown, families have been forced to be stuck at home with each other. Being under one roof twenty-four/seven, especially during such stressful times can cause fights among family members. Family members might start feeling irritated and grumpy. This is true especially if you have children. Siblings tend to fight a lot on a normal day. With the added tension of the pandemic and the struggle of sharing a

24 Things to Do When You’re Bored to Pass the Time

There’s no shame in being bored. Whenever you find yourself with not so much to do it’s natural to get a bit antsy. The first day or so is gold: you sleep in, enjoy a luxurious breakfast, and, of course, watch your favorite TV shows. But then, it happens. You run through all the best movies, find yourself pacing between the fridge and the couch, and the walls start to feel a little closer than they were before. You’ve started feeling bored. Instead

Recommendations of the Egyptian Society of Kidney Diseases

Recommendations of the Egyptian Society of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation to deal with the prevention and diagnosis of coronavirus infection in patients with dialysis General instructions Please follow the basic instructions against the transmission of the Coronavirus, as indicated by the Ministry of Health, in addition to the basic instructions for controlling infection, as detailed in the instructions in the washing units on the page of the scientific journal of the Egyptian Society of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation. Educating employees,

Corona pandemic brought negatives as well as positives

We know that these times are difficult for people all over the world, in light of the spread of the Coronavirus, increasing numbers of infections and deaths, closing cities and even entire countries, and many people are forced to self-isolation. But amid all this worrying news, there is also a positive side that gives hope.  Low pollution With many countries locked in by the virus, there has been a significant drop in pollution levels. China and northern Italy recorded a

Are you at a risk for colorectal cancer disease?

Are you at a risk for colorectal cancer disease? What Is Colorectal Cancer? Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide after lung and breast cancers with two-thirds of all CRCs occurring in the more developed regions of the world. CRC affects men and women of all racial and ethnic groups, and is most often found in those aged 50 years or older. Colorectal cancer is a cancer that starts in the colon or the rectum. These cancers

Managing Colorectal Cancer

Managing the disease First Steps We know this process can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help along every step of the way. talking to family and friends.. Sharing your diagnosis People who live alone away from family often have a few extra needs compared to those who live with others. Let close friends know what’s happening.Think ahead so you can tell them what they can do when they ask how they can help. Be as specific as possible about

Five relaxation techniques to reduce stress

Practicing even a few minutes per day can provide a reserve of inner calm We all face stressful situations throughout our lives, ranging from minor annoyances like traffic jams to more serious worries, such as a loved one’s grave illness. No matter what the cause, stress floods your body with hormones. Your heart pounds, your breathing speeds up, and your muscles tense. This so-called “stress response” is a normal reaction to threatening situations, honed in our prehistory to help us

How stress puts a strain on your life

We all experience stress from time to time, but we all experience it differently. For some, it’s the daily frustration of a traffic jam or the fear of missing a deadline. For others, it’s the result of a major life event, such as moving, losing a loved one, financial strain or personal trauma. No matter the case or cause, stress is simply a natural reaction to changes and challenges in life. It may be a single or short-term occurrence, or

7 things you can do to stop overeating during staying at home

Eating too much in one sitting or taking in too many calories throughout the day are common habits that can be hard to break. Over time, eating too much food can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of developing a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease. Regardless of whether you have an eating disorder, breaking the cycle of overeating can be challenging. However, some techniques can help. The 7 tips below provide a starting point to

Ideas for helping kids celebrate MOM on Mother’s Day without going out to buy gifts!

Mother’s Day has always been a special day around our place. It is one of the good opportunities of the year to teach children to respect their mom and to thank her in some small way for all she does. And, despite our wishes, the kids generally will not do it on their own. At least they won’t until you have worked with them during their growing up years to consistently use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate their

” Stay At Home and Be Safe,” from Coronavirus and invest this time with your family

Invest this time to your advantage and learn something new on this vacation, Stay at home and Be Safe from Coronavirus and at  the same time enjoy your time with your family Looking after your well being while staying at homeWe know that staying at home for a prolonged period can be difficult, frustrating and lonely for some people and that you or other household members may feel low. It can be particularly challenging if you don’t have much space

Protect yourself if you’re at high risk for Coronavirus!

Older adults and those with underlying health conditions need to take specific steps. Here’s what experts advise. As the COVID-19 pandemic—caused by the novel coronavirus—continues unfolding around the globe, expert guidance continues changing as we learn more about the viral illness. And while everyone should practice good infection-control practices, such as proper hand hygiene, it’s especially important for those at higher risk. It appears that COVID-19 causes mild to moderate symptoms in most people who are infected, but a February World Health

How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus When Grocery Shopping

Here are precautions to take whether you shop in-store or online With experts saying people should avoid crowded places because of the coronavirus, what should you do about grocery shopping? One option people are turning to is grocery delivery services. “For older people and those with underlying health conditions—the group that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends stay home—I would highly recommend using a grocery delivery service,” says Jim Rogers, CR’s director of food safety research and testing. But

Idris Elba after tested positive with “coronavirus” said to people “stay at home”

British actor Idris Elba announced that he tested positive of Coronavirus through a tweet on his Twitter account, explaining that he had placed himself in the home quarantine without showing any symptoms yet. “I was confirmed with Covid-19 virus. I am in good condition and have not had any symptoms yet, but I have isolated myself since I discovered that I might have been exposed to the virus,” the actor tweeted. The 47-year-old added, “Stay at home and have a

Your weapon against the CoronaVirus is your immune system

Take advantage of the holiday to strengthen your immunity and your children’s immunity for the day and for every day“Prevention is better than cure” The immune system in the human body is the defense line that protects it from diseases and objects that threaten it, such as viruses and bacteria. The immune system consists of a group of organs and structures that work together to protect the body from diseases. How do we boost the immune system?The body needs a strong immune

Tips from WHO to protect mental health while facing Coronavirus

The World Health Organization has announced a set of tips and guidelines necessary to protect the mental health of individuals and societies in the meantime that almost every country in the world faces the risks and repercussions of the spread of the emerging Coronavirus. Psychologists point out that the feeling of psychological and nervous pressures increases naturally during crises facing individuals and societies, especially in times of war, or the spread of epidemic diseases, and it also increases in a

China now has to fight Coronavirus and bird flu

China now has to fight coronavirus AND bird flu: ‘Highly pathogenic’ avian influenza hits two Chinese provinces near Hubei Some 1,840 fowl were killed by the H5N6 virus in Sichuan, China said yesterday, 4,500 chickens had died of the H5N1 bug in Hunan, officials reported on Feb. 1 Four cases of bird flu outbreaks were also recorded in Xinjiang in January alone. The news comes as Beijing drains all its medical resources to fight coronavirus The disease has killed at least 910 people

The art of crisis management…!

The art of crisis management…! 3D printers save the lives of people affected by “Corona Virus” in Italy. A 3D-printer company in Italy has designed and printed 100 life-saving respirator valves in 24 hours for a hospital that had run out of them. The valve connects patients in intensive care to breathing machines. The hospital, in Brescia, had 250 corona-virus patients in intensive care and the valves are designed to be used for a maximum of eight hours at a time.

Recovering from the Coronavirus, they bring hope back

Recovering from the coronavirus, they bring hope back. Amidst this panic and apprehension about the corona Pandemic, there is always a glimmer of hope, as many are reporting that they have recovered from Corona after committing to staying at home. “Stay in your home.” US citizen Elizabeth Schneider, who is recovering from the Coronavirus, advises anxious people to be hopeful and stay home if they are infected. Schneider first felt flu-like symptoms on February 25, three days after she participated in

“hysterical fear” and the call for wisdom

“hysterical fear” and the call for wisdom Led to spread of Corona-virus around the world to strengthen the fears of some that it may become a scenario of “catastrophic”, prompting them to purchase and store different commodities directly, but there warns of the feedback is calculated, which may contribute to it turned into “a mess” in some communities. Rumors have driven people to the streets in gas masks, not masks. Lubna Faik, professor of crisis and risk management at Cairo

Smoking can make you at a higher risk of coronavirus!

As Coronavirus continues to spread, it’s natural to want to calculate your risk of infection. If you’re a smoker or vaper, it’s likely your risk is higher. Cigarette smoking or vaping can increase the risk of developing coronavirus. “Based on prior studies with other pulmonary infections, both bacterial and viral, it is highly likely that cigarette smoking and vaping will increase the risk of coronavirus pneumonia and increase its severity, though we don’t know to what extent.” Studies showed that

“Protect yourself for today and for every day”

“Protect yourself for today and for everyday” Quoted for Dr. Hany of the beholder chairman of the National Research Center, formerly consultant dermatologist, via his account official on the website of the social networking Facebook, a collection of tips that must be taken into account and applied during the current period even help you in prevention of infection with Corona-virus, the most prominent of which: Excessive use of tangerine and orange.To ensure that the green salad with lime is served

Tips to keep the workplace safe from coronavirus

Encourage your employees to.. Practice good hygiene Stop handshaking – use other non-contact methods of greeting. Clean hands at the door and schedule regular hand washing reminders by email. Create habits and reminders to avoid touching their faces and cover coughs and sneezes. Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly. Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning. Be careful with meetings Use video conferencing for meetings when possible. When not possible, hold meetings in open, well-ventilated

Now you can find all the information you need to know about coronavirus in Egypt. Real numbers and the right information

Egypt government launched an official website ( to aware and educate citizens about the Coronavirus. From its symptoms to spreading methods of the virus and the right ways to prevent it, and contains very important medical information about the virus. The goal of this website is to publish all the facts about the situation and face a large number of rumors about coronavirus. This website contains all the information about the spread of the virus in the countries of the

Protect Yourself from Colorectal Cancer

Doctors recommend certain screening tests for healthy people with no signs or symptoms in order to look for signs of colon cancer or noncancerous colon polyps. Finding colon cancer at its earliest stage provides the greatest chance for a cure. Screening has been shown to reduce your risk of dying of colon cancer. Doctors generally recommend that people with an average risk of colon cancer begin screening around age 50. But people with an increased risk, such as those with

How to boost the immune system naturally?

Well, there are diet rich foods, which strengthen your immune system and help your body fight common illnesses such as infections, colds, flu, and fever. Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system boosters of all. In fact, a lack of vitamin C can even make you more prone to getting sick. Foods rich in vitamin C include oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, strawberries, bell peppers, spinach, kale and broccoli. Daily intake of vitamin C is essential for good health because
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