About muscles and bones

About muscles and bones

Muscle: A fibrous tissue characterized by the ability to contract and relax, and secures the movement of the organism. The skeletal muscle consists of muscle bundles, and each bundle consists of muscle fibers called the cytoplasm of the muscle fiber called sarcoplasm, and the membrane of the muscle fiber is called sarcolemma.

Bone is a solid organ that forms part of the skeleton: bone supports and protects the various organs of the body, produces red blood cells and white blood cells, stores minerals, provides support for the body, and enables movement. Bones take many shapes and sizes and have a complex internal and external structure, although Bones are light, yet strong and solid, and perform many functions




Muscle weakness and pain

Loss of movement and physical activities

Muscle stiffness and stiffness

Facing difficulty breathing

For fever and high body temperature

muscle swelling


Muscle weakness

  • Dry eyes and mouth

Elbow pain

Foot pain

  • gout

Hand pain

  • Pelvic joint pain

the reasons



  • Injuries or sprains.
  • Hereditary disorders.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Some types of cancer.
  • Neurological diseases.
  • Infections.
  • Medicines used to treat many diseases



Joint pain resulting from the roughness of the joint due to the low amount of fluid that protects the joints from rubbing together at the bone confluence area, and the accompanying pain increases by several factors, including muscle weakness, physical exertion, weight gain, bruises and physical injuries, and cold can increase joint pain.


Risk factors


Older people lose some muscle mass, so the remaining muscles can easily get overstretched

  • Athletes who get tired and dehydrated while participating in summer sports show constant muscle tension.
  • Pregnancy.


  • smoking

Steroid medicines

Rheumatoid arthritis

Other chronic disorders

  • diabetic
  • previous fractions


When should you visit a doctor?


Although all the muscles in the body can suffer from a spasm, the muscles of the foot and leg are the most vulnerable to this. And the appearance of a state of convulsion frequently makes it interesting and here you should go to the doctor. And doctors explain the case of muscle spasms that the ends of the nerve fibers in the muscles are overactive.


If the patient complains of pain in many joints, bones or muscles, especially if the pain is accompanied by general symptoms such as high temperature or skin rash, it is preferable to go first to a rheumatologist, while if the complaint is caused by a traffic accident, fall or bone deformity, the patient should The patient goes to the orthopedic surgeon first.




Get enough rest, especially when the pain is caused by physical exertion. Use warm or cold compresses to relieve pain. Do simple exercises to relieve pain, such as walking or swimming. Refer to the doctor if the pain is chronic and does not go away within 3 days, or if other symptoms appear.


Treatment methods differ from one case to another according to the nature of the case and its diagnosis, and accordingly, the appropriate treatment methods are determined. Among the different treatment methods are the following:

  1. Medication treatment
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Surgical treatment
  4. Lifestyle change




  1. Good nutrition is the basis for muscle building and growth
  2. Sports and physical activity are the most important means of preventing muscle atrophy.
  3. Undergo physiotherapy and physical therapy in case of diseases that cause muscle atrophy
  4. Control of the causative disease.
  5. Electrical muscle stimulation under medical supervision


1- Follow a diet that contains calcium, which is available in milk, its derivatives, and leafy vegetables.

2- Eating zinc available in meat, cinnamon and strawberries

3- Continuous exercise for half an hour helps improve bone mass and density

4- Refrain from smoking because it accelerates the loss of bone and its density.

5- Avoid drinking alcohol.

6- Avoid falling.

7- Reduce caffeine consumption.

8- Add soy products to the daily food menu

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