It is a break in the continuity of the bone due to the shock, and the fracture ranges from partial to separated

Complete parts of the bone, divided into two groups:

Minor fracture, consisting of a fracture of the bone, without an external wound.

Double fracture, in which the bone exits from the outer surface of the skin with wounds, and the severity of this type increases due to the accompanying triviality and the possibility of bone exposure to contamination by dust and microbes from the air.



  • Severe pain in the location of the fracture, especially when moving the affected organ.
  • Tumor that gradually appears, due to internal bleeding from the site of the fracture.
  • Deformation of the affected organ, i.e. taking an unusual form of bone fusion.
  • Lost in the function of the broken organ.
  • Rattle, that is, an abnormal sound is heard when the bone is moved together.
  • The skin has changed color and tendency to blue as a result of a hematoma



  • Refrain from moving the affected organ.
  • The member is placed in a temporary splint that supports the place of the fracture in its place, and if there is no wooden splint, and any piece of cardboard can be used, or the other uninfected party can be usedas a splint.
  • Not to take off the shoe if the injury was on the foot
  • In the event of a double fracture, the wound should be covered with a sterile piece of cloth and the necessary splint must be done.
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