muscle contraction

It is the occurrence of muscle spasms without prior warning in a muscle or group of muscles so that the player cannot get rid of this severe painful contraction on his own and this spasm may continue for several seconds or a few minutes, and the most vulnerable muscles to this injury are (calf muscle Posterior and anterior thigh)


Symptoms of muscle contraction:

  • involuntary contractions painful muscles, often in the leg
  • A sense of extreme pain in the place of the contracting muscle and perhaps the entire limb
  • Not being able to move the affected muscle or the affected muscle around it
  • When examining the convulsive muscle, we find it stiff, the player cannot bear the fingers touching her due to the extreme sensitivity



  • Make sure the muscle gets relaxed and the tension is removed. Surface wipes can be used using some warm paints.
  • Pain relievers gradually
  • Not to try to use rapid deep or violent massage movements during injury
  • Make hot compresses for the affected area
  • Apply the air cups system to the area of muscle contraction
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