muscle rupture (Strain)

It is a rupture of the cyst encapsulated in the muscles, muscle fibers, or tendons as a result of intense, sudden and severe muscle exertion to a greater degree than the muscle’s ability to endure this passive.


Symptoms of muscle rupture:

  • The pain of the place of injury
  • Hearing a sound (crackle in the affected muscle)
  • Swelling and hematoma, as a result of internal bleeding
  • The inability of the affected muscle to function and the severity of the sensitivity
  •  The hematoma is evident around the site of the injury 48 hours after the injury
  • In severe cases, the tumor lasts 72 hours after infection
  • The high temperature of the affected part
  • Change the skin color from natural redness to blue to yellow



  1. Preventing the player from continuing to play with the injured member taking the best comfort positions
  2. The complete rest of the player physically and psychologically to avoid a shock to the player, while not moving the injured part
  3. The cooling compress continues to work within 48: 72 hours, at a rate of 4: 5 times a day
  4. Make a suitable compression band around the place of injury
  5. You must have complete control of bleeding and internal spillage by the necessity not to use the muscle and to rest completely
  6. Placing the affected muscle or muscles in a fully relaxed position to reduce tension or contractions
  7. Negative comfort for the affected member according to the severity and degree of injury
  8. Raise the affected area above the heart to reduce blood flow to the affected area
  9. Avoid using all kinds of heat or massages throughout the acute period of injury to prevent further bleeding
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