Pregnancy Journey


Pregnancy is when an adult female carries one or more fetuses in her womb by fertilization, and the normal pregnancy is nine months. There are many signs that confirm pregnancy, and these signs include vomiting and nausea that occur at the beginning of pregnancy when the woman walks or gets up from sleep in the morning when she inhales the smell of cooking, her period is late and interrupted, and she feels light tingling in the breasts and itching around the nipple.


First Month

Ovulation and then fertilization occurs two weeks after the last menstrual period and by ten days of fertilization, the blood circulation begins in the placenta; So that the fertilized eggs are inserted into the uterine wall, and in the third week, the fetus is formed in terms of the heart tube, spinal cord tube, eyes, primitive brain and kidney, and after the first month the egg becomes approximately five millimeters long, during this period the mother should stay away from taking medicines unless they’re prescribed because of the symptoms that pregnancy causes.

Second Month

The face, legs, arms, and all the component organs can be clearly seen, and the brain development stage begins rapidly, and thus the size of the fetus reaches half the size of its body, and in the eighth week it weighs four grams, then symptoms begin for the mother, and the weight of the fetus becomes at the end of the second month about nine grams, and takes The human form, and his heart begins to beat, fingers appear and bones are formed.

Third Month

The base of the nails is formed, the size of the head becomes relatively smaller than the previous stage, and the genitals, liver, urinary system, and circulatory system are formed, so it is difficult to determine its gender during this period.

Fourth Month

The fetus begins to float actively in the amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac, the placenta grows completely, the scalp is formed, the organs develop and become almost complete, nourished by the placenta, and its fingers and head are clearly visible, and the weight of the fetus becomes about one hundred and twenty grams, and in this month it cannot live outside the womb, and the mother’s health improves so that her ability to eat increases and symptoms of pregnancy decrease.

Fifth Month

The fetus is able to move; and moves his feet and arms actively, and the mother feels these movements and is also able to hear the heartbeat of the fetus. The fluff (hair) grows on all areas of its body, and the stage of the regeneration of its cells begins through the fetal metabolism.

Sixth Month

The weight of the fetus becomes about seven hundred grams, its movement increases, its fingerprints are formed, the eyelids are separated from each other, and the skin is shiny and thin.

Seventh Month

His skin becomes transparent and pink,  the brain begins to control the functions of the fetus’s organs, but the lungs are not developed yet,  his weight becomes about a kilogram, and it is possible for the child to cry during this month while he is in the womb and his movement increases more, and he hears sounds and feels pain, and distinguishes the taste if it is sweet or bitter.

Eighth Month

The dermis of the skin develops and the auditory system becomes almost complete. The function of the nervous system and the muscular system increases inactivity. The brain and mind grow greatly and become able to see and hear sounds. It continues to grow until the end of pregnancy.

Ninth Month

The stage of development of the lungs ends completely, the limbs become complete, the fetus is fully developed, and its movement becomes less than the previous periods, and its weight reaches about three kilograms, and the mother is ready for birth.

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