Severe lateral pain during physical activity

Severe lateral pain during physical activity:

Severe lateral pain that resembles spasm in the upper right side of the waist occurs during continuous physical exertion, such as running, practicing basketball, foot, or the like, and it often affects more beginners or those who have been out of breath for athletic activity.

Occurs as a result of lack of flow Adequate blood, and thus insufficient oxygen does not reach the respiratory muscles (diaphragm and intercostal muscles), and that the sudden change from resting state to the state of effort leads to increased breathing times and deep breathing, which puts a load on the respiratory muscles to force them to meet the energy needed before the flow Sufficient blood supply to these muscles.

As a result, what is called a lack of perfusion of these muscles leads to a feeling of acute lateral pain.



What is evident in his work when acute side pain occurs is that the practitioner reduces the intensity of the effort made while trying to breathe more deeply until the pain is gone, and then try to resume the exercise, but with less intensity than the period before the pain occurred


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