It is a partial or complete rupture of the ligaments of the joint, due to the skipping of the joint movement beyond its anatomical limits, due to a sudden flexion, and in both cases a bloody bleeding occurs.

The occurrence of sprains in the foot joint is common among students during the performance of the skills of basketball, football, high and long jump, as a result of the movement of the jump, and sprains in the joints of the fingers occur in handball, volleyball and basketball as a result of the sudden reception of the ball with the palm of the hand and fingers.



  • Pain in the joint due to a cut in the surrounding nerves, where a signal reaches the pain center of the brain.
  • Tumor due to increased blood pool in the area of ​​injury.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Increased joint temperature.
  • Change in skin color



  • Use cold compresses for 20-30 minutes, and it is not recommended to put crushed ice directly on the joint so that the patient does not catch a so-called cold.
  • The purpose of using cold compresses is to absorb fluids and blood groups by lowering blood pressure in the joint area, reducing inflammation, feeling pain and muscle contraction.
  • Make the compressive ligament, lifting the affected joint up to reduce blood volume in the area.
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