Sports Medicine

Some specializations in medicine are concerned with researching and treating various developments, anatomical, and pathological developments, in the human body, as a river activity under normal and different conditions, such as over-training or tendon flanks.


Common sports injuries

The common sports injuries that can hurt during your period are sports injuries, shoulders, fractures, sprains, wears, concussions and cartilage injuries. Getting medical advice Getting medical advice in the field of alternative medicine works great


Causes of sports injuries:

Exercise rights. Using the wrong exercise technique or improper exercise equipment. Having an accident, a blow to the head or the head. Normal muscle use


Workers that increase their procedures

Useful guides on the causes of sports assistance in the stadiums, the location of the employees to provide the assistance services provided by the employees:

  • a previous history of injury; Injuries to nerves tend to be areas that were injured earlier.
  • A long period of consecutive training days, where rest works on growth rates by conducting enough muscle and connective tissue time during training sessions.

How to get injured from stadiums

Prepare physically before exercising

Know the rules of sports and abide by them

Wear appropriate protective equipment

Take a break

You must warm up before playing

Avoid playing when you are very tired or while loading

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