Taking care of the pet


The most important ways to care for animals:

  1. Hygiene, is divided into two types
  • Cleanliness, which is you clean the garbage can, the food can, the water can and the sleeping place, and you clean the roofs thoroughly.
  • Animal hygiene: Taking a good bath and using baby shampoo should also remove eye accumulations such as in cats and clean ear wax.
  1. It’s chow time :

You should take care when to feed your pet, and not neglect it for long, because it was on you to take care of him when you adopted him.

  1. Immunizations :

you have to inoculate your own pet, which gets some diseases, like worms and lice.


How to take care of your pet : 

Prepare to raise a pet

  • See if you can take care of a pet well enough to consider it easy, even though they’re a beautiful addition to Beck, because all of them are about money and money and love, plus special needs, and sure or not, you want a pet, not just for a day.it’s for a long day
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