white water in the eye


A cataract is an opacity that affects the lens of the eye, resulting in blurred vision. Most cataracts develop slowly and without pain. It occurs in one or both eyes, and cannot spread to the other eye. The only treatment for it is surgery, which is generally safe and effective


There are three main types of cataracts that affect different parts of the lens, and they include the following:

Cataract in the eye under the posterior capsular.

The nuclear cataract is located in the center of the lens.

Cataracts with crusts on the side of the lens that appear as small streaks.

Symptoms of white water in the eye

Cataracts in the eye have many obvious signs and symptoms, the most important of which are:

Rapid change in the size of eyeglass lenses. In the early stages, the patient notices that he needs to change his glasses more often than usual, sometimes within a few months.

A feeling of lack of light or that the colors are somewhat dark.

Dazzling, especially when exposed to strong sunlight or while driving at night.

Increased blurring of vision, which is felt even when glasses are updated and fitted.

The patient feels that he sees through a white curtain or glass.

Seeing halos around lights.

Double vision in one eye


Causes of white water in the eye

There are many causes and factors that contribute to the appearance of white water in the eye, the most important of which are:


Having genetics and genetics

Exposure to injuries and accidents

Having some diseases such as: diabetes, which leads to the formation of white water in the eye at a relatively young age

Intraocular infections, especially uveitis.

Long-term use of some drugs, especially from the family of stimulants.

Cataract treatment in the eye

Cataract surgery is the only treatment that the ophthalmologist resorts to, and it cannot be treated with drops or medicines and herbs, where the doctor replaces the opaque lens with a cataract, and places a transparent lens with the patient’s sizes so that the light is on it, It can pass through.

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