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Here’s what you need to know if you’ve been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease

Ask your doctor to evaluate you before resuming sexual activity. If you’ve had heart failure or a heart attack, cardiac rehabilitation and regular physical activity can reduce the risk of complications related to sexual activity.

Heart Disease and Obesity in Women

Within 20 years, the percent of obese adult women has increased significantly: 1988-1994: 25.5% obese 2009-2012: 35.9% obese More than 50 million women are currently living with some form of cardiovascular disease. Millions of women are currently living with coronary heart disease (CHD). Heart disease is the leading cause of death of women.


Preventing the onset of diabetes for those with prediabetes, or managing symptoms for those who already have the condition, is crucial to maintain health and prevent complications. Exercise is one proven way to help manage diabetes. Staying physically active also helps prevent diabetes-related health complications and improves overall quality of life. Aerobic exercise Also known […]

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